Security Partners

Security Partners is one way of saying thank you for the business you do with Security State Bank.

If you are 55 years old and have $5,500.00 in a Certificate of Deposit, our Security Partners program entitles you to many benefits, including:

  • No service charge and no minimum balance on interest bearing checking accounts
  • No charge for special Security Partners checks
  • No charge for:
    • cashier checks
    • debit cards
    • online banking
    • money orders
    • notary services
    • photo copies
    • transfers from savings to checking
    • shredding services
  • Direct deposit for retirement and Social Security checks

What’s more, Security Partners sponsors:

  • A periodic newsletter to keep you posted on the latest developments at the bank and in Security Partners
  • Semi-annual social gatherings that are educational and entertaining
  • Fun and interesting trips at special rates

A message from our PresidentIcon for: Message

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As I was thinking about what to write, my mind went to what did I write last year. Well, last year there was the disaster in the Huston area. Now this year, North and South Carolina are going through much the same, so please keep those people in your prayers as it will be a long road to recovery. I know if I have said it once, I've said it many times; how glad I am that I live here.

Also, once again we have been blessed with a beautiful summer and great looking crops. Please be careful when you are out and about during this busy season.

As another year has passed, certainly there have been some difficult challenges to deal with but I have learned that keeping a positive attitude and having a supporting community truly does help. You are always very welcome to stop in at the bank. Thank you for choosing Security State Bank.